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Kyshoen Jarrett’s ‘All In’ Skills Showcase Recap

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Kyshoen Jarrett (@ky3fOUR) was able to launch his Inaugural "All In" Skills Showcase for his hometown, Poconos, PA as he seeks to develop an outlet for local talent to showcase their athletic abilities.

This was also an opportunity for Kyshoen (CEO) to raise money for his foundation, DGC Inspires, which is designed to assist, support, and improve the lives of families who live with Cerebral Palsy through 4 main corners of impact.

For more information, please click here.

Video production provided by ReactionMedia, LLC.

Special thanks to: Stroudsburg High School

Special Guests: Dashazor Everett, Texas A&M, Washington Redskins Safety (@deverett)
Corey Lewis, University of Illinois, Entrepreneur (@clewis1and1)

Local Legends & Coaching Staff:
Collin Hegarty (@chegs_22)
Rob Moyer (@robmoyer)
Dan Cason (@dcason84)
Greg Kessel
Matt Walters
Mike Carmella (@michaelcarmella)
Charles Capers (@charlie__boiii)
Charod Bridges (@c4eliteperformance)
Matt Martin (@trainingday21)
Willie Watkins (@willie_watikins15)
Impact Sports Academny (@1impact_5portz_academy)

Sounds Provided by:
Marvin, HOT 97 FM (@djmartian)

Speaker of the day: Caleb Duah (@calebduah)

Community Involvement:
Subway (@subway)
Sistah Chat Radio Productions (@sistahchatradio)
Sam Salama, President of Adam's Jewelry (@adamsjewelry)
John D. Christy, Monroe County Commissioner
Maureen E. Madden, Member, 115th District, Representative
Tarah Probst, Mayor of Stroudsburg, (@tarahprobst)
Robin Smith, (@shininfame) (@turningthehearts)
World Hype Radio (@worldhyperadio) (@theshawnharveymorningshow)
Pocono 96.7 (@pocono967) (@garyinthemorn)
Pocono Record (@poconorecord)
Channel 13 (Sports)
D.W. DAWGS (@jermaine_d_wiggins)
Willow Tree Inn (@willowtreeinnrestaurant)
Legacy Barbershop (@legacybarbershopesb)
Metz Amusement & Concessions

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Speak Your Truth Tuesday

In Blog, Live by Kyshoen Jarrett

Seeking to Uplift & Empower; "Speak Your Truth" provides opportunity every Thursday to express your views on life through YOUR Story. Testimony. Experiences. Goals. Dreams. Visions. Love. Pain. Faith. Beliefs.

Remember, its YOUR TRUTH; whether it be through poems, letters, words of encouragement, lyrics, creative writing, quotes, etc.

"Speak Your Truth" is about you and your well-being internally as well as externally. An expression of how your day, week, year has been going. No longer giving way to feeling alone nor holding experience/circumstance in.

All it takes is one person to express the same dream, pain, and/or similar vision for you to feel connected and/or appreciated.


1. If you post yourself (@/#) & I will RE-POST on my Social Media (IG, FACEBOOK) & on my Blog at


If you DO NOT post yourself, I will POST for you. Either: direct Message me on Twitter/ IG or FACEBOOK (@Ky3fOUR) Please mention if you would like to remain anonymous: IF NOT, I will tag your name/page.

Send me your TRUTH all throughout the week and I will RE-POST every Thursday!

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Live Full

In Blog by Kyshoen Jarrett

Motivational Speaker, Les Brown mentioned in a speech that, “We must live full & die empty”! He continues to go in depth about giving this world all of who you are because each and every one of us are uniquely created and designed for a purpose that only YOU possess to give. I then began to ask myself what it meant to “Live full & die empty”. It allowed me to realize what ways we can give all of ourselves to those in our family, work space, and community. That’s by being consistent in our approach to life spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and relationally. Daily reflection of the ‘downs’ and how we can improve as well as realizing how to keep/build momentum when there are ‘ups’. I personally call this “Man in the Mirror”.

I challenge you!

Every day when you wake up in the morning to prepare yourself for a daily grind and you look in the mirror, I want you to ask yourself what it means to “Live full & die empty”. Continue to apply those 5 Man in the Mirror points (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Relational). When doing so, other questions will generate and influence more thoughts, visions, and dreams. Making you wonder what, why, and who you are even more.

"Challenge your mind, strive to be better and don't be satisfied with complacency."
Les Brown

I’ll start you off with some more thought-provoking questions:

Spiritual: At which level have I placed my faith? Does my faith come first or last?

Mental: What type of thoughts do I have throughout the day? Name both Positive & Negative.

Emotional: What type of space have I been in lately? Sad, happy, angry, proud, etc. .. Why?

Physical: Is what I am putting(food) or about to put into my body helping me move effectively to win the day?

Relational: Have I given all of my true self (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical) to my family, friends, & co-workers considering all that I can control?

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Today Is The Day!

In Blog by Kyshoen Jarrett

Today is the day! I find myself increasingly overwhelmed with joy knowing that I've worked hard to get to this point. Over the course of the year, I've contemplated and wondered if a website was right for me. I came to the realization that, whether it is a few or many; I have had great support from fans during my career at Virginia Tech and with the Washington Redskins. This website is a way for me to give back to those who have genuinely cared for my well-being. Throughout the year, content will be updated frequently, media, as well as postings about various events, topics, concerns, & motivations in life. Continue to check in with me, submit your request, and STAY CONNECTED.

What To Look Our For

My Business: CONQUER & INCR34SE, LLC would like for you all to be aware of upcoming speaking events. Everyone has a story and by initially isolating myself post-injury of my rookie year with the Washington Redskins, only very few know what I had to conquer and understand in which ways I had to incr34se. If you are inclined to go deeper and are seeking a speaker for an event, go to the BOOK NOW page and submit your request.

My Foundation: A 501(c)(3), DSG Inspires is designed and dedicated to supporting families who live with Cerebral Palsy. More details will be coming soon if you are encouraged to donate & support the vision.

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